Welcome to Dindindi Drumming!

Dindindi Drumming is WA’s energetic southwest African Drumming based Community.

Be amazed at the difference drumming and rhythm can make in your life. Whether you want to unwind, meet new people, strengthen and unify your team, improve your play, or find your groove Dindindi Drumming offers classes and events to get you there.

Try a community drumming class, drumming for kids or a one off workshop. Create synergy and connection by providing corporate team building or join us in one of our Meditation Series of events. Surprise yourself and be amazed at what you can achieve.

Laugh, enjoy, build communities and feel connected.


It took me away from my scattered everyday thoughts and brought me back to myself” – Sarah

Thanks Megan. I enjoyed tonight. A bit out of rhythm but fun! Was feeling a bit *&% but about half an hour after class my horrible mood lifted right off me. I’m glad I went. It fixed it.” – Participant

It showed what the drumming potentially sounded like, but simple enough for a beginner to understand” – Participant

Thanks so much for the workshop today… my whole upper chest feels so light, I can only assume its opened my heart chakra. I’m hooked and want more, will see you soon” – Participant

I felt happy and safe. It was fun doing percussion and learning about different instruments. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as much as the kids did.” – Kym

Our mission at Dindindi Drumming is to empower people and create communities through the power of drumming and rhythm.

Come and find your groove, meet new people, and experience connection through group play.



Our mission at Dindindi Drums is to empower people and create communities through the power of drumming and rhythm. Come and find your groove, meet new people, and experience connection through group play. 


A safe environment to build self confidence and self expression through music.


Feel your mind slow and calm as you meet the rhythm of the drumming circle. The circle connects as the drums create together.  


Dindindi’s term classes are a great way to get familiar with a djembe, feel part of a tribe and find your groove. Starting with basic techniques of the drum, Dindindi will have you working together as a cohesive team playing multipart rhythms in no time. Class terms run for 4-6 weeks.


Workshops are designed to be a one-off event for a multitude of purposes. A creative way to connect your team. Provide a place of calm and yet full of energy.  Create fun. Get creative. Have some fun.

Workshops can be used for team building, special events, icebreakers, small weddings and Christmas parties. Big kids and little kids will enjoy all that workshops have to offer.


Rhythm and music has social and therapeutic benefits for children as well as being loads of fun. It can help them focus, open lines of communication and understand the importance of working in a team. Dindindi drums offers a variety of Youth programs from preschool and toddler programs, to primary and high schools and outside groups.  These can be a one off, or series of workshops. Dindindi Drums also has qualified Drumbeat facilitators. 


Dindindi provides music and drumming group fun for our aged community here in Bunbury. Bringing together drums and small percussion, we love to bring joy and connection to those who need it most. Drumming improves circulation, greater mobility, and more importantly connection with those around them.

Upcoming Events

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